Refurbished IT Hardware

Refurbished IT

EOL Online is part of “EOL IT Services Ltd” - the UK’s most highly accredited IT Asset Disposal organisation.

EOL IT Services have provided secure IT Asset Disposal for organisations across every sector since 1996 and, as part of the service we provide our corporate clients, we collect, data cleanse, refurbish, improve and clean their equipment and then re-sell fully working computer hardware including desktops, laptops, servers, networking equipment and miscellaneous products.

 Why buy refurbished equipment?

  • We offer models of refurbished IT hardware from all major brands including Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lenovo and Cisco.
  • Upgrade your existing systems without the cost of brand new replacements – EOL Online can dramatically improve the processing power of your equipment and therefore increase storage capabilities, without the need (or financial outlay) to change hardware platform.
  • Use existing systems for longer – by obtaining the equipment and/or spare components for legacy systems, our Clients can ensure they carry on using existing systems as long as they want to – they don’t have to stop when manufacturers stop supporting them.
  • Deploying refurbished equipment can assist with short term projects, mid lifecycle equipment top-ups and temporary/seasonal office expansions.
  • Refurbished equipment is a sound environmental choice – extending the lifetime of existing equipment is much better for the environment than recycling it!