What We Do...

We here at eolonline can offer you some of the latest IT Hardware at very competitive prices. Whether you are looking for the latest Desktop PCs or Laptops for your teams or just need to fill a gap in your IT estate, we have carefully built a select list of suppliers from around the globe to ensure you keep your business moving.

New IT Hardware

Through partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry, we can help source the right technology for you at the right price.

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Refurbished IT

Whether you are keen on saving the planet or simply saving money by driving down your costs, Refurbished IT Hardware can fill that gap in your portfolio. We have our own, highly trained engineers and work with some of the finest IT Refurbishers to ensure that, at a considerably lower cost, you are receiving quality products with plenty of life in them.

Hard to Find Systems and Parts

That PC with the blown power supply, do you consign it to history and buy a new one or do you get hold of a replacement power supply, replace and breathe new life into that old workhorse? Or just looking for some RAM to give that little server a bit more oomph? We can help source those parts for you through our network of over 11,000 IT Parts and Systems specialists who stock over 4 million unique parts between them.

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IT Asset Disposal

We are the retail arm of EOL IT Services Ltd, the UK’s most accredited provider of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), Lifecycle Services and Data Destruction.

EOL has been helping companies, just like yours, to ensure you mitigate the risks associated with securely managing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle. Their commitment to a truly secure chain of custody and compliant processes has ensured their accreditations go beyond the normal standards now expected. Their investment in both quality and compliance – supplies secure and sustainable services to their client base in the UK and Europe.

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